Dry Earth

Welcome to Dry Earth…

Since medieval period till today, we have a common belief that the human body is made (according to Classical medical philosophy) of four humors (black bile, yellow bile, phlegm, and blood) corresponding to the four elements of the physical world- earth, fire, water and air.

A man’s health depends on the balance of these four. All diseases and disabilities pop up from the excess or deficit of one of these elements.

Excess of water makes a man cold and spiritless. Lack of water makes him vigor-less and causes problems like, rough skin, insomnia and wakefulness. Due to deficit of water a 50 year-old-man appears to be 85. So water saving must be an indispensable part of our responsibility both socially and environmentally.

Dry Earth a brand name for Asianol Biotech Private Limited has stepped in here to pack a fair punch on three subjects:

  • Conserve Water (Annual rainfall has dropped down dramatically by 50%)
  • Save Water, Save Earth ( Environment has changed radically over past 20-25 years)
  • Water Saviors (The Dry Earth eco cube can reduce consumption in standard men’s urinal by upto 150 kilolitre of fresh water per year.)

For natural ecosystem and better world, when this cosmopolitan world is being driven by going green concept- there our venture to offer you green bathroom might prove to be relevant and highly beneficial. For your environmentally friendly choices, we introduce two revolutionary products in the world of toilet hygiene. These Innovatory products involve state-of-the art microbial technology to assist you in reducing water (both in automated or manual flush), sewages and maintenance cost in the toilet.

Our trio-disciplinary product functionalities can make sure:

  • Water saving
  • Microbial cleaning
  • Fragrance

Our dry earth echo cube and dry earth microbial multi surface cleaner are basically highly effective microbial products. These microbial products encompass latest and cutting edge biotechnology to combat with bacterial digestion which produces unpleasant odor. In synergy, our dry earth echo cube and dry earth microbial multi surface cleaner provide a complete solution in odor control and keep urinal clean without flushing.

With this innovation (environmentally friendly and eco-friendly cleaning solutions) and diffusion of innovation- we hope Asianol Biotech Private Limited will be among the front runners who look for green world.

Our holistic approach is to reach first at the threshold of new green age and inscribe the name of Asianol Biotech Private Limited as the all time great in the lexicon of biotechnological innovation.

How its works

Dry Earth Eco-cube, digest organic urine crystals rapidly so keeping urinal drain lines running freely. They are perfumed to provide a pleasant fragrance in the washroom

Dry Earth microbial multi surface cleaner is a unique, biologically active formulation containing specialised bacterial strains and biodegradable cleaning agents.


  • Highly effective cleaning liquid containing friendly bacterial strains. Environmentally compliant and biodegradable.
  • Bacterial consortium Prevent Lime Scale build up, also digest solid organic waste matter - oil, fat protein & starch.
  • Malodors removed at source.
  • Faster cleaning regimes, due to its unique formulation.